Tobii Chase Adventures With CockSuckers
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Starring: Tobii Chase, Stan, Jeff, Jacopo Dorelli, Tony, Mack, Mike

For all you dick suckers and head lovers, this is felatio at it's best. As we all know, Tobii Chase loves a good blow job! Hell who doesn't it? We are bringin' you some hot mouths that are eager for cum and will stop at nothing to get it!

Suck Slut: While visitin' Tallahassee, Tobii Chase the Florida native meets Stan! Posted in a visitin' ad on, Tobii was lookin' for co-stars to give up some smokin' head jobs! Stan, is married and didn't want his wife to know about his fascination for black dick. He hits Tobii up and finds a mouthful of dick, that is insatiable. He busts his load and gets dick slapped all in his face, til it releases some hot cum on his lips and mustache..... Got Milk!

Hook Up: We all do it time to time.... Meet a hot young guy, that's looking to get fucked and wants it to happen in real time. It's Tonys' 23 birthday and Tobii Chase gives him the gift, that keeps on givin'. Yeah it's called Adventures with Cocksuckers, but Tony wanted more. Tony slides Tobiis' long dick up his hole and gets overly aroused, until he climaxes a nice one... Tobii fucks him good and hits him on the chest and abs with some pipin' hot manjuice!

Gettin' Some Head: Can you suck good dick? Well Jeff surely can. He meets Tobii Chase at a Guest House off Fort Lauderdale Beach and shows off is skills. He loves skinny black men with big dicks and Tobii is just that. Big things come in small packages and at 8.5+ cut, Tobii is the prime example of the sayin'. With a nice bubble butt that loves to get rimmed, Tobii gets down and dirty with Jeff....

Jackin' and Suckin': This was to start out as a solo stroke off video, but Jacopo D. had his eyes on more.... Meetin' up with Tobii for a solo shoot, Jacopo Dorelli wasn't new to the film scene. He saw Tobiis' website and wasn't going to let a opportunity to suck Tobii off, out his reach. Thick muscular, bald and with a nice ass.... Jacopo shows off for Tobiis' camera and entices Tobii to join in. He locks his lips on Tobiis' dick and sucks it like a breathalizer....

Cock Worship: Tobii loves all type of men... Mack is definitely one of the hot daddies with eyes for Tobii. He has a fetish for chocolate and Tobii has nicest milk chocolate dick.... Pack with a hot creamy center, Mack gets to work on Tobiis' nice piece of candy.... Suckin', slurpin and deep throatin' it..... He gets a mouthful of sweet sticky jizz!

Tasty: Yup! Snowballin' is always tasty, especially with 2 delicious dicks! Mike has always wanted to try it out with Tobii. Tobii loves fulfillin' wishes, so these two collaborated and came up with a "Tasty" treat! The chemistry with these guys is somethin' that seems to be fairytale.... Guy meets guy and cums in his mouth for a kiss. They live video -ever-after!

Tobii Solo Strokin': Tobii jumps in the shower and shows off his slender bod, huge cock and firm bubble butt! All in a days work of filmin'. He loves to show off and loves when you watch!


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