Doin' U Rite
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Starring: Tobii Chase, Thiago, Jackson, JJ and various models

This is a classic! Doin' U Rite, is the first DVD to surface under the TDC Productions XXX umbrella. Packed with alot dick suckin' and ass poundin' action, this DVD showcases Tobii Chase in his earlier days of amateur porn.

Culombian Ass: Tobii encounters a hot Colombian bottom boy, who is anxious to suck his big black dick and get his tight hole pounded. Tobii slams all 8.5+ in Thiagos' ass and unloads a nice load on him.

Military Brat: Jackson comes to meet Tobii for the first time and is home on military leave. They had been conversing for awhile and Jackson, wanted to experience the wrath of the dick. Tied up, hole abused and fingered.....
Jackson gets a face full of cum, delivered by "The Big Dick Stud of the South".

Rican Romp: JJ is a hot Rican who loves black dick..... Tobii Chase is a ebony stud, with a fascination for hot ass... The two become very well acquainted and the games begin. JJ gets down to business, takin' all of Tobii down his throat and wantin' it more. Turn around bitch, let me put it up that ass! Tobii gives him dick in both holes and even shoots cum up his nose!

Tobii Solo: Well even if you can find someone to get you off, you can always get off on your own. Tobii loves strokin' his dick.. He's such a nympho! He lubes it up with spit and pulls on it, tugs it, strokes it and makes it bust one creamy load on pubes and crotch!

Cumshots 1: This speaks for itself! Load after load of cum spewing dicks....


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